Our research areas are as follows.

  • Digital Forensics is the study of procedure and method for identifying and certifying the facts of a specific act based on digital data remaining in a computer, mobile phone, or electronic device. It is used not only for criminal investigations but also for civil disputes, response to infringement incidents, in-house information audit and prevention of industrial technology leakage. Our laboratory is conducting the following research.
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Operating System Artifacts Analysis
    • Malware Analysis including Ransomware
    • Data Recovery
    • Anti-Forensics and Countermeasures
  •  Cipher Analysis is the study of security analysis of cryptographic primitives such as block ciphers, stream ciphers, hash functions, and message authentication codes.
    • Lightweight Cipher Analysis
    • Development and Analysis of New Attack Techniques
    • Next-generation Cipher Analysis considering Side-channel Attacks